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Rand Behr

Rand Behr (also known as Miranda Sajdak) is a director/writer/producer currently living in Los Angeles. After years of having her name misspelled and mispronounced by everyone from teachers to doctors to her own cousins, she adjusted due to a desire to make everyone’s life easier – an important tenet she stands by in her work as a script reader, as well. She has done coverage for producers of films ranging from indie hits like Drive to studio features including Final Destination, American Pie, and The BFG, as well as television shows Huge and My So-Called Life. She recently founded Harbor Road Entertainment, to continue to work as a writer/director/producer, as well as co-founding Script Chix to provide script notes and proofreading to writers. She was a winner of Go Into the Story‘s Quest Initiative in 2013. She was also a winner of The Next MacGyver competition in 2015, paired with mentor Clayton Krueger at Scott Free to develop original pilot RIVETING, about American women on the homefront in WWII. She enjoys hard-hitting dramas, dark comedies, and ’90s legal thrillers.


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Natalie Nicole Gilbert

Natalie Nicole Gilbert is a voting member of the Recording Academy with nine (9) solo albums and four (4) singles to her credit, and first appeared on the GRAMMY ballot in 2013. In addition to her music, she has more than 10 years in broadcast radio as a radio host and voiceover talent, and has done national commercials for McDonald’s, Cadillac, Quizno’s, and other well known brands. She began her own recording studio in 2005, and continues to produce and co-produce her own music. Previously heard on the air at WJIE, Lite 106.9, Oldies 103 WRKA, 101QFL, and KDAR, Natalie Nicole continues to provide imaging, ADR, and post audio for top clients around North America, the UK, New Zealand, and Lebanon. She’s also a session vocalist for the Dublin Studio Hub, and film and TV composer with Music + Pictures, whose credits include Smallville, Law and Order, The Office, and many others worldwide.