Screenplay Coverage & Consulting1

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For screenplay coverage services or any additional questions on screenplay notes, coverage, proofreading, or writing for Hollywood, please use the contact box below.

For those asking, you can still purchase our recent webinar, Getting Past the Hollywood Gatekeepers! Check out exclusive info from a reader on how to get a Consider or Recommend on your script. Also, check out Grab the Reader with Your First 10 Pages for specifics on how to engage a professional reader quickly in the opening of your script.

Turnaround time is 2 weeks (14 days), unless otherwise noted. All payment processed via PayPal Shopping Cart for checkout.

**For rush delivery, add $25 for 1 week turnaround, $40 for 48-hour turnaround, and $60 for 24-hour delivery. Same-day must be received by 9 AM, and requires additional $75. Any additional fees will be invoiced upon receipt of script.**

Rates are as follows:

  • Script Coverage for a Feature Film – $165
    (up to 125 pages, with $1/additional page)
  • Script Coverage for a Feature Film **without synopsis** – $145
    (up to 125 pages, with $1/additional page)
  • Script Coverage for a Pilot$100
    (up to 70 pages, with $1/additional page)
  • Script Coverage for a Pilot **without synopsis** – $85
    (up to 70 pages, with $1/additional page)
  • Script Treatment or Outline Coverage/Notes – $100
    (Up to 25 pages, with $5/additional page)
  • Script Coverage for a Short Film – $65
    (up to 20 pages)
  • Script Coverage Call/Brainstorm$85/hr
    (After Reading Script, with $1/additional minute)
  • Skype Consult – $75/hr
    (Without Reading Script, with $1/additional minute)
  • Logline Assistance – $55
    (After Reading 1 pg Treatment + Current Logline, includes 3 new loglines)
  • Feature Script Proofread – $150
    (Must Be Final Draft Format. Up to 125 Pages, $2/additional page)
  • Pilot Script Proofread – $105
    (Must Be Final Draft Format. Up to 70 Pages, $2/additional page)


For questions and to connect/set up a coverage, please use the form below. Please include information about your script’s needs (especially if there are areas of interest you would like to focus on – character, structure, etc). Thank you!