All alone

As a lesbian writer/director/producer/script reader working in Hollywood, I’ve been following what’s going on since the recent deaths on The 100 and The Walking Dead, neither of which are shows I watch – so I won’t comment specifically on them, as I don’t have the context.

But, naturally, the LGBT community makes a good point in sticking up for their representatives in media not being killed off or otherwise disenfranchised. It can be utterly frustrating, disheartening, and otherwise triggering to see the one representation you connect with removed from your life in a (usually) sudden and permanent way. I didn’t really have media to connect with growing up, except Xena, and that only lasted a few seasons for me, before I grew disinterested in the characters’ journey.

As someone who doesn’t especially enjoy the more popular lesbian representations in media, I’d be curious to see what people reading this are enjoying these days. I’ll give you some hints – though these may be otherwise good, I didn’t connect personally with the representations in Carol, Freeheld, Bound, The Kids Are All Right, The L Word, Buffy, or Better Than Chocolate. I did connect more personally with Lip Service, Wentworth, Xena, The Hours, Imagine Me & You, and D.E.B.S. I’m mixed on Lost & Delirious. 

So – hit us up with your faves at @HarborRoadEnt on Twitter, and let me know what you’re liking in the world of LGBT (and particularly L-focused) media! I’m always looking for new recommendations, in the hopes I’ll find something to connect with, and I’ll be happy to share some more recommendations, as well!