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Please note we have limited availability at this time and are not available for any rush work. Please contact us to learn availability. If we cannot assist you, we are happy to refer you to other screenplay analysts.

Please use the contact form below to reach out. You may pay for services directly via this site or be invoiced. 

Note: standard turnaround time is 2 weeks.
Rush rates are as follows:
Same day – $75
Next day – $60
48-hour – $40
1-week – $25
Additional fees (page count, time, etc) will be invoiced via PayPal or Venmo upon receipt of script.

Feature Film + Synopsis

Full feature film coverage with synopsis.

Two weeks turnaround.

Up to 125 pgs. $1/additional page.


Pilot + Synopsis

Full pilot coverage with synopsis.

Two weeks turnaround.

Up to 70 pgs. $1/additional page.


Zoom Call/Brainstorm 

After reading script.

$1/additional minute.


Feature Proofread

Must be Final Draft format.

Two weeks turnaround time. 

Up to 125 pages. 

$2/additional page. 


Feature Film (No Synopsis)

Full feature film coverage, no synopsis.

Two weeks turnaround.

Up to 125 pgs. $1/additional page.


Pilot (No Synopsis)

Full pilot coverage, no synopsis.

Two weeks turnaround.

Up to 70 pgs. $1/additional page.


Zoom Consult

Without reading script.

$1/additional minute.


Pilot Script Proofread

Must be Final Draft format.

Two weeks turnaround time. 

Up to 70 pages. 

$2/additional page. 


Treatment or Outline Notes

Full notes on treatment or outline.

Two weeks turnaround time.

Up to 25 pgs. $1/additional page.


Short Film + Synopsis

Short film coverage with synopsis.

Two weeks turnaround.Up to 20 pages, then pilot rates apply.


Logline / Title 

Brainstorm. After reading 1 page treatment + current logline. 3 new loglines or 5 new titles. 


Rush or Added Fees

Please contact below to be invoiced for additional fees including added page count or rush fees.

Rush rates are listed above.



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The Benefits of Script Coverage

Get professional industry standard feedback on your project, from someone who’s optioned scripts, had a pilot produced, and has worked as a reader for studios, producers, directors, and writers for over a decade. 

Do you need professional coverage? Maybe – and maybe a writing group or a screenwriting class is a better outlet for you. Everyone learns differently – this service is available for those who request it, but is not advertised, as we believe only people with the financial ability and a desire for coverage should utilize this resource. 



What They Say

C.C. Webster

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating creatively with Miranda on many projects–as a director, as a writer, and as an artist. Her insight and sense of discovery is unparalleled. She is industrious in all her endeavors, and searches to be the most constructive and instructive when consulting on projects. She is also a consummate connector, always placing great projects in the right hands. I consider her the first place I go for advisement, notes, and the truth.”

Teacher: Gotham Writer’s Workshop, Screenwriter, repped by Abrams, NY Women in Film & TV Workshop 2019

Savannah Dooley

“Miranda gives honest, incisive feedback, has great ideas, and looks at a script with the eye of a director and producer. You’re in capable hands.”

Creator and writer/producer: Huge (ABC Family/Freeform), Writer: Nashville, Writer/EP: A Book of American Martyrs (Showtime)

Rock Baijnauth

As a UTA repped writer I’ve been fortunate to have had script coverage from some of the most notable readers and script doctors in the industry and I would like to take this opportunity to say that the coverage I received from Miranda Sajdak to be among the best I’ve had in my six year writing career. Not only were her comments insightful and thought provoking, but they pushed me to challenge myself as a writer which was something I found invaluable. Her sense of storytelling was on point and where my writing was weak, she made it stronger. What I took away from my experience with Miranda above all else was that I felt she was as vested in my script’s success as I was and for that I could not speak more highly of her work.”

Writer/Director: Baristas, Writer: Closing Bell

Andrew Bluestone

“Miranda’s feedback is not only prompt but thorough. I can always count on her when I need quick, on point feedback, that keeps me on track with things that are working. She’s smart, well-read, with strong industry experience and a keen eye for grammar errors. A vital resource for an emerging writer.”

Screenwriter (WIGS)