Natalie Nicole Gilbert has spent more than 10 years in broadcast radio as a radio host and voiceover talent, and has done commercials for McDonald’s, Cadillac, Core DataCloud, Quizno’s, and other well known national and international brands. Previously heard on the air at WJIE, Lite 106.9, Oldies 103 WRKA, 101QFL, and KDAR, Natalie Nicole continues to provide imaging, ADR, and post audio for top clients around North America, the UK, New Zealand, and Lebanon. She’s also a session vocalist for the Dublin Studio Hub, and film and TV composer with Music + Pictures, whose credits include Smallville, Law and Order, The Office, and many others worldwide. Voiceover clips and samples can be seen and heard below.

Voiceover Reel

McDonald’s Platters TV Spot :30

Cadillac Spot

Save the Sawfish

ITinvolve Introduction Video

Refining Timing Tabs – MixTape Video Tutorial

Helping Hand Adoption Spot

Cloud Archiving from Core DataCloud video